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About Us

Changes Family Hair Salon is owned by Tracey and Jeff Wodarcyk

     With the idea of investing in the future of our community and the future of our 4 children, we came to the conclusion that a salon would be a wise investment with the current economic growth in the Ohio valley.

    After a lot of research and tons of advice from Kim Anderson (Thank you Kim! We love you!) Friend and Cosmetology Instructor in Washington PA, we waited for the right time and opportunity. On 9/1/2014  We took over the Salon in historic downtown St. Clairsville formerly known as "Hair Only" owned by Martha Travis for over 20 years . We renamed the salon to "Changes Family Hair Salon". This was a huge leap of faith, Tracey and I are teachers so needless to say it has been a major learning curve for us.

   One of our personal goals is to have employees so happy that other people are jealous they don't work at "Changes Family Hair Salon". A happy employee makes a happy customer. A happy customer  will come back if you provide them with quality services at a fair price. We don't think you could ask for much more than that from anyone.

    Knowing that buying and running a small business would change daily life in the Wodarcyk household, we sat down with all the children and explained to them, the best we could, how this new venture would affect everyone. We knew that family time may be interrupted and there would be times that we could not do some of the things that we currently enjoy because we have a business to run. 

   This is when the name "Changes" came about! We as a family were about to endure some major changes. We also liked the idea of keeping the shop family oriented; mom, dad, brother, sister - a place where all are welcome to be a part of our family. "Changes Family Hair Salon".  Tracey coined the catch line for our Christmas float banner, "It's time for you to make a change!" So here we are a few years into our journey and every day we are learning something new. One of the most unexpected benefits of owning a salon has been meeting the amazing people from the Ohio Valley and Beyond !!

    Over time we have made several changes to make the shop reflect our own taste, we have worked with the stylists that once worked at "Hair Only" and we have expanded our family to include several other Stylist who share in our goals: Having pride in a professional, fun, clean, friendly, family oriented salon. We love our staff, they put the “Family” in Changes Family Hair Salon, Without them it would just be a building with chairs. We have the best staff anyone could ask for and we appreciate all they do every day. 

   In 2018 after several months of looking, we were able to purchase the current property at 243 West Main Street, from Karen Isles, the former Ohio Valley Paving office, with hopes of finally having a place to call our own. After several months and a huge learning curve, we were able to work with Jeremy Greenwood at Greencore Design and the city of St. Clairsville to turn the 100 year old beautiful historic house into a place where our Stylist would love to work and our customers would feel at home. 

  With a lot of long days and nights, dealing with Co-vid, managing the old location, while remodeling the new location, we were very proud to relocate to the newly renovated building at 243 West Main Street November 1st, 2020. 

   So today here we are in our new salon and with our new salon we welcome some new faces and say goodbye to some dear friends, that we had become to consider our family .We hope you will stop by or give us a call .


Thank you for visiting our website, we truly hope you enjoy your experience at our cozy little salon and will join our Family.

Call today and make an appointment with one of our great staff members! 740-695-8146

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